Prayer Requests:

Randy Tilley

Nan Young-Requested by Patty Young

Lori Leighty

Jennifer Jones-Requested by Lorene Barker

Fred-Requested by Lorene Barker

Gene Barker

Bobbie Johnson-Requested by Kelly Newell

Margaret Dimoplon-Requested by Eric Hillis

Missy Ricks

James & Tanya Waddups-Requested by Melea Kercheval

Frankie & Karen Pilley

Sympathy for:

Family of Holly Huffer-Requested by Max & Debbie Avery

Family of Joyce Goodnight-Requested by Velma Smith

Family of Collin Ford

Family of Wayne Young-Requested by Patty Young

Family of Denise Horner-Requested by Allison Hillis

Family of Rick Helvie


Proud parents Alexis and Matt Snell welcomed baby girl Zayah Rae Snell to the world April 18th at 3:50AM. She weighed 8lbs 1oz and was 20.5in long. Alexis and Matt would like to thank everyone for sharing so many memories with them and for all your support during their big year. They will be moving in a few weeks to the Orlando area for the summer but will be back to visit with baby girl just in time for H.O.T. this fall! 

Ongoing Prayer Concerns:

Alice Davis                       Alisha Walters                 Amanda Guest Hively

Barb Catron                    Bill Hosteter                    Blake Wagner

Brooks Padgett               Carolyn Dunham           Carolyn McQuinn

Charlyn Catron               Cody Buffington            Connie Dennis

Donna Faye Snodgrass Erin Butcher Schaper   Evan Faucett

George Brovont             Heather Haynes             Jackie Carrigan

Jacklyn Lewis                  Janet Kyle                        Jayna Hillis

Jeff Owen                        Jeff & Tia Wyant             Jocelyn Lewis

John Trent                       J. T. Burnett                    Leonard Reed

Linda Ault                       Logan Hammond          Lorena Bailey

Lori Leighty                    Luisa Kercheval              Lydia Herin

Marg Ellis                        Marilyn Amos                 Megan Werner

Melody Neal                   Michael Plummer          Mike Catron

Mike Ellis                         Pam Gray                        Pat McQuinn

Payton Krutzch              Phil West                         Randy Brunton

Rene’ Rogers                  Rick Jett                            Ryan Carrigan

Sarah Webb                   Shaunda Roberson        Sonia Robb

Susan Woods                Tina Billingsley                Travis Morris

Wesley Rimmer             Zaine Wagoner