Prayer Requests:

LeeAnne Waldrip-Requested by Elaine Brovont

Sandy Anderson-Requested by Patty Wells

Jeff Wyant-Requested by Cindy Merrill

Carey Denham-Requested by Jeff Morrison

Dave Edwards-Requested by Jeff Morrison

Krista Burtron-Requested by Debbie Avery

Brian Evans-Requested by Beth Evans

Safe Travels-Requested by Loubens & Jessica Eugene

Rene’ Rogers-Requested by Debbie Avery

Alicia Burris

Brooks Padgett



Sympathy for:

Family of Jay Miller-Requested by George Brovont

Family of Rosie Staley

Family of Jeff Price-Requested by Debbie Avery & Rene’ Rogers

Family of Tim Timmons

Family of Dale Hudson Sr.-Requested by Heather Gerrard




Baylor Owyn Davis was born Saturday, January 16th at 9:41 am.  Baylor weighed in at 6 lbs 10 oz and was 20 inches long.

Congratulations to parents Cameron Davis & Ashley Anderson, grandparents Greg & Becky Garrison, and Aunt Brianna Davis!

Ongoing Prayer Concerns:

Alice Davis                          Alisha Walters               Amanda Guest Hively

Austin Henderson            Barb Catron                   Bill Hosteter

Blake Wagner                    Brooks Padgett             Carolyn Dunham

Carolyn McQuinn             Charlie Davis                  Charlyn Catron

Cody Buffington               Connie Dennis               Courtney Reagan

Donna Faye Snodgrass   Emily Unger                   Erin Butcher Schaper

Evan Faucett                     Fran Roy                         Heather Haynes

Jackie Carrigan                 Jacklyn Lewis                  Janet Kyle

Jayna Hillis                        J.D. Blackburn                Jeff Owens

Jim Roy                              Jocelyn Lewis                 John Trent

J. T. Burnett                      Leonard Reed                Linda Ault

Logan Hammond            Lorena Bailey                Lori Leighty

Lou Ann Mitchell             Luisa Kercheval             Lydia Herin

Marg Ellis                          Marilyn Amos                Megan Werner

Michael Earl                     Michael Plummer          Mike Catron

Mike Ellis                           Pam Gray                       Pat McQuinn

Patsy Strawn                    Paul Jones                      Payton Krutzch

Peggy Weaver                  Phil West                        Randy Brunton

Rene’ Rogers                    Rex Clark                        Rick Jett

Rosie Stroup                    Ryan Carrigan                Shaunda Roberson

Shelly Price                      Sonia Robb                     Susan Woods

Stacy Henderson            Tina Billingsley               Travis Morris

Wesley Rimmer               Zaine Wagoner              Zander Reagan


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Encourage those seeking the Lord

Educate believers in biblical truth

Exalt Christ in worship




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