VBS Sunday

“Serving Others”

Philippians 2:5-11



I.  All About Attitude (vs. 5)

       A.  Attitudes Are a Matter of Choice

       B.  Think Like Jesus



II. Ultimate Humility (vs. 6)

       A.  Sacrifice and Love

       B.  How Do You Measure Up?



III. Servants at Heart (vs. 7)

       A.  Being Authentic

       B.  How Do We Get There?



IV. Not Our Own (vs. 8)

       A.  Limiting Our Obedience/Choosing Our Areas of Sacrifice

       B.  Remove Such Self-Directed Clutter



V.  The Way to Honor (vs. 9-11)

       A.  Bearing Kingdom Fruit

       B.  Humility, Service, Obedience



*** "Because Jesus Christ came into the world clothed in humility, He will always be found among those who are clothed with humility."  A. W. Tozer ***