"Around the Cross" Series

The Cross... By Chance?

Simon from Cyrene

Luke 23:26



I.  Why Would Anyone Kill Jesus?

       A.  Only the WORST Criminals Were Crucified

       B.  What Crime Had Jesus Committed?



II. Dying Already

       A.  Beaten, Mocked, Scourged

       B.  Weakened, Exhausted, Hungry, Tortured

       C.  Carrying a 100 Pound Crossbeam



III. A Chance Encounter Turned Forced Encounter 

       A.  No Jew Ever Wanted to be Near a Crucifixion

       B.  Compelled Against His Will to Join the Drama



IV. A Transforming Encounter

       A.  Take Up Your Cross DAILY (Luke 9:23)

       B.  The Saving Cross




*** DIE TO SELF... and be RESURRECTED with Christ! ***