“The Liar (vs. The Truth)”

John 8:31-47


I.  Discerning the Liar

       A.  Our world has fallen for the lies

       B.  Our world hates the exclusiveness of the Gospel



II. Exposing the Liar

       A.  The father of lies tells us we are more than we are

       B.  The father of lies tells us God is less than He is



III. Rejecting the Liar

       A.  Satan is working hard to distort God's image

       B.  Know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set you free



IV. Resisting the Liar

       A.  The never-ending search for contentment

       B.  If you feel your heart is empty, it is empty only of God



V. Truth is a Person (John 14:6)

       A.  Once you discovered the Truth:

              1.  Believe the Truth

              2.  Do the Truth (truth is something you obey)

              3.  Stand for the Truth 

              4.  Spread the Truth


*** How are you getting to know Jesus better?

What are some opportunities you have every day to stand for the truth?

Are there some parts of the Bible you don't understand?

Are there some parts of the Bible you don't believe?

ASK GOD to help you with your unbelief... so that you CAN believe, obey, and know the TRUTH that will set you free! ***


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